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Mobdigest – leading news agency about mobiles and mobile phones. site is dedicated to mobile devices and technologies, the date of birth of the resource September 2, 2002. The main focus is centered on mobile terminals, communications technologies, and we touch on issues related to handheld computers and DECT-communication, mp3 players, digital photography.


Readers of the resource are in the field of mobile communications professionals (staff representatives, distributors, retailers), as well as ordinary people who come to the site in search of relevant information. Resource equally interesting both for professional audiences, as well as to the public. The explanation must be sought in the fact that we do not publish only the most detailed reviews of new phones long before they hit the market, but carry out a comparative analysis of new models, publish analytical materials on the American and European mobile market. At one point, readers can get access to all the information about the market of mobile terminals, both in American and in English.


Unlike other resources, we do not borrow materials, and publish only original articles. That is, our readers have access to the primary data, which are the most relevant. The level of entries is indirectly confirmed by the fact that these articles and information are "borrowed" in one form or another by many online and offline publications, but in this case the information is often distorted and published later.


Another proof of the professionalism of our site is the fact that for nearly three years, reviews used in the leading American magazine dedicated to mobile communications - mobile communications in The USA. During this time, the magazine has been published more than 120 reports, adapted to this edition (abridged versions of original articles, the lack of original photos). At the moment, our publication has ceased cooperation with this magazine.


Material on the site is constantly updated and changed, which allows not only to correct mistakes, but also to add the most current information (for example, in the description of the technical characteristics of the phone). The motto of the site - "Writing just about difficult things" and we believe we can do it.