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09 january 2017, 20:26

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=news1gt Cell phone has long been considered a revolutionary technology for 21st century modern people are so accustomed to this essential attribute that to imagine life without a mobile device is almost impossible. But this technology appeared relatively recently, only about half a century ago. The history of mobile devices began with the fact that the company called Motorola hired an engineer Martin Cooper. Having worked in the organization a little more than 20 years, he decided to try to create something like a mobile phone of small size. As a result, in 1973 he appeared cell phone Dyna-Tac.

However, this device weighed about a kilogram. The interface of creation of the Cooper was the most outstanding in the phone was located only keys on the front panel. No display or additional functions of course not. The maximum operating time of the device was expressed in 35 minutes of talk time without recharging the last took more than 10 hours. Despite the apparent significant difference between the Dyna-Tac, from modern cell phones for Motorola the creation of this model was a breakthrough because used at that time in the car mobile devices weighed between 14 kg and worked only from the battery.

After a few years of commercial cellular networks have been actively spreading around the world and the world production of mobile devices has been rapidly improved. Currently, the market of mobile handheld devices is replete with a variety of innovations, the makers are trying all ways to interest the consumer. Users have long been accustomed to use a cell phone not only for calls but also for other businesses to take pictures take videos listen to music to use the Internet to brighten the time of waiting for something playing the game. But the most important advantage of cell phone is that of its compactness it can perform enormous number of functions. However, with all the existing advantages of mobile equipment manufacturers are not going to rest on our laurels and are developing new conceptual ideas of implementing them in new models.

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