"Harmful if cell phone?"

09 january 2017, 20:31

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Since this website touches upon the theme of cell phones that we cannot ignore the question of how electromagnetic radiation from the phone affects our health. How much time per day each of you is talking on a cell How many times this magical tube is close to your head have you ever Thought over these questions In the world have repeatedly conducted studies to determine the harm to cell phone. Will affect some of them. Scientists of Norway and Denmark has established that mobile phone users often complain of headaches, drowsiness and irritability. In Russia, experiments were conducted on rats showed that electromagnetic radiation has a detrimental effect on the eyesight of these animals.

Swedish scientists recognized the existence of an Allergy to cell phones. In this regard, in Sweden mobile allergies can get serious money from the budget and move to another area of the country where there is no cellular communication. Many studies have noted increased tiredness drowsiness headaches from people using cell phones. However, there are other results. For example, canadian scientists found no direct link between the electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones and poor health in people.

As you can see how much research and many different results. So can I trust them or is it someone another PR stunt Let's look logically. In the modern world we are surrounded by thousands of electromagnetic fields generated by TVs computers cell towers transmitters of cell sites, microwaves, etc. We're just enveloped in this network. But for some reason the issue of harm to cellular phones is raised most often.

Yes I agree, this device emits close to us, especially during a conversation. But many of you have cordless phones at home. And some types of handsets wavelength can be half to two times shorter than the wavelength of cellular communication. And the shorter the wave the greater its effect on the body. The same can be said about wireless mouse and keyboard maybe someone of you are using them.

Therefore, if you have fatigue and a headache to blame everything on cell phone stupid. In our busy lives, so many factors affect our health and they all collectively have an impact. So the phone is only a drop in the sea. I note that the human body is a complex structure and different in all people. Someone the radiation from the phone will not be a problem but someone in even a small effect has a strong influence.

So here are some tips on how to minimize.

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