How cell phone affects your health?

09 january 2017, 20:32

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Cell phones and many other technological devices have become part of our lives. We have forgotten how 15-20 years ago with ease without such a convenient and necessary thing. Each year the number of mobile users is increasing worldwide. Cell phone is always at hand hanging on the chest on a lanyard or belt is in the pocket or on the kitchen table and even going to bed we put him outside and sometimes under the pillow. In those moments when we forget it at home starting to get nervous anxious and feel not really confident the whole day go without a mood.

Word without cell phone, as without hands. With the cell phone very easy for us easy to call where it is necessary to solve some questions to know what you doing. In addition to the phone functions of modern cell phones provide us with a huge number of others. Phone can do us good quality video photo to Wake up in the morning to work on the way in which we can listen to music. We are not surprised that such a small thing able to perform so many useful functions it is possible not only to write and send a message and call a friend or girlfriend but to play your favorite game to use the calculator to view videos.

The phone will even remind us when the best friend's birthday. The impact of mobile phone on human health Cell phone manufacturers confidently claim that no harm mobile phones do not make, and is absolutely harmless for the human body to say that the newer the phone the better her protection against radiation. However, scientists say that the waves cellular communications pose a real threat to the health and lives of people. In developed countries, experts are conducting studies of the impact of cell phone on our health on the internal organs and body systems heart, brain reproductive organs cardiovascular nervous system. In Russia, scientists also examine the effect of cellular communication.

We warn that electromagnetic radiation from cell contributes to the formation of cancerous tumors however, the exact proof that it is because cell phone it is happening there. It is well known that electromagnetic waves radiate not only mobile phones but also electric wire in which a current flows. A transmitting device antenna which is dotted with high-rise residential houses and all our cities and homes in many devices of computers and technical devices which emit these electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic radiation is invisible, it has no color and smell, people are unable to feel it and accordingly to defend against him too can not. Powerful sources.

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