Increases the life and time of discharge of the battery cell mobile phone, because

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Increases the life and time of discharge of the battery cell mobile phone to work through the repeater radiated power of mobile phones decreased by 60 times and in consequence the energy consumption of the mobile phone to become smaller. Cell phone adaptive changes the radiation power depending on the conditions of reception in poor signal from the base increases the transmitter power to the maximum in the city to 06 in the area of Watt to 2 Watt and with good reception minimizes 001 W at full scale. It can be seen in the speed of discharge of the battery of the cellular phone. The transmission power of the repeater is not large ~ 01 W as a conventional base housing of the radiotelephone additionally, this power is divided into several antennas ~ 25 mW per antenna and the antennas are far enough from subscribers of 2-10 m. the Density of Electromagnetic flux from the phone decreases inversely as the square of the distance thus radiated power of the antenna of the repeater is negligible.

Cell phone is located near the head of the subscriber within 2-3 cm runs on low power 001 W since the repeater provides a good signal from the base station to complete the scale. Therefore, the installation of the repeater cell repeater in the room with poor signal and reduces the radiation power from the cell phone 60 times and the density of electromagnetic flux in 55 times. Setting GSM 3G repeater is a specific task. Installer in addition to the skills quality of the installation must know the basics of physics theory and practice of radio communication. As in any business experience is important.

Optimally if the installation of the repeater will perform engineer with a background of about 100 units. In this case, the work will require minimum of your time and money. It should be noted that improper installation of system of strengthening of communication produces noise in the radio. Such interference by normal users need not be identified or experienced professional, or a spectrum analyzer GSM signal. You can also wait until the operator on whose base station affected by interference appeal to the State radio frequency center of the counter-noise in the radio.

Some statistics For March 2014 the Federal state unitary enterprise rchc, 228 northwestern Federal district revealed violations of the use of radio frequency spectrum. A significant proportion of all revealed violations 55 % of RES land mobile service. Roughly about a third of all radiodestiny have repeaters GSM and 3G signal. The penalty for misuse of a warning first and then fines and confiscation system signal amplification of cellular communication. In 2013, the court imposed a fine on the resident of St.

Petersburg for the use of GSM repeater 900 SXL Picoсell causing interference in bands.

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