Independent examination of mobile phone sony

09 january 2017, 20:32

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Our company provides the services of an independent appraisal of the failures of cell phones and identify possible manufacturing defects. The process is carried out by qualified experts who can identify the ability to recognize the recorded data in the device when no obvious visible damage. This is carried out the necessary testing with the help of special equipment which allows to identify existing defects and to determine the nature of their origin. It should be borne in mind that any testing should only be undertaken with fully functional and charged battery. During the tests can be a cause of malfunction phone as evidenced by the appropriate conclusion.

This document should indicate the reasons why the device does not fulfill its function. Any mechanical action on a mobile device usually leaves visual damage reveal that in the course of a thorough inspection. Often, the main proportion of such damage accounts for damage to the hull of the mobile gadget as well as violations in the work of the device due to exposure to liquid. A huge number of phones equipped with a strong body and a very weak connectors which can lead to the emergence of micro-cracks from the bumps and drops of your device. Such microcracks be the cause of contact failure in the mobile device which leads to a weakening or loss of health.

Qualified experts of our company carrying out an independent examination of the examined phone will determine the nature of the existing defects. You must keep in mind that most of these devices do not have dust and moisture protection according to classification system of degrees of enclosure protection of electrical equipment against penetration by solid objects and water in accordance with the international standard IEC 60529 DIN 40050, GOST 14254-96. Even protected from moisture and dust devices have a limit after which the device appears inside the electrochemical corrosion which leads to loss of functionality of the device. In some cases, when testing experts phone the above mechanical defects are not confirmed. Then, using special devices which allow to identify the origin of the defect and its impact on the future performance of the gadget.

Our company can undertake examination of the quality of a cell phone in the event that there is an appropriate application of one of the parties or determination by a judicial authority. About one-third part of all the defects account for falling cell phones for a variety of reasons fell out of the hands popped out of the pocket, etc. more.

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