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Super offer to replace the display glass replacement Best price in Moscow Changed from 20 minutes Only original parts Quality guarantee Call now. Our phone number +7 495 998-88-53 Our service center for repair of cellular phones and mobile equipment a Mobile Service founded in 2005. For over ten years, our specialists provide professional and quality repair of cell phones smart phones tablets and mobile equipment. Turning to our workshop we will produce in the shortest possible time a free diagnosis of your equipment and find out the causes of malfunctions and restore the performance of your cell phone. In the service center using original spare parts we guarantee the quality of repairs to your equipment.

Perform repair of any complexity in the shortest possible time in the presence of the client. And as we are about to get Your phone working or broken on mutually beneficial terms. Absolutely free also you can consult your questions with our specialists by phone or visit our service center at m. Novogireevo, street the Free prospectus 33 the shopping center Perovskiy 1-floor. Call +7 495.

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